Sheepskin Footwear Info

How to Select the Best Sheepskin Footwear


Indoor or Outdoors?
Firstly where are you going to wear them? For indoor use you are spoilt for choice as all our sheepskin slippers and boots can be used indoors, even the chunky sole Ultimate boots feature lightweight, non-marking soles.

Only the cattle hide soft sole slippers and boots are for indoor only use, for all other slippers with hard soles using them for errands such as collecting the mail is fine. 

Desired Level of Warmth
How much warmth do you desire? The slip-on clog/mule style will keep your toes, soles and most of your feet warm but for some extra warmth around the ankles there are the Bootie, Madison and Traditional Mens slipper styles.

Our Kiwi House Boots are a low cost design with excellent warming properties as it covers the entire ankle area.

Boot Heights
The next step up are our Mid Calf boots which are between 15cm and 24cm tall depending on the size and style, then the Full Calf at around 12.5cm taller.

And finally the extra tall Musketeer for warmth up to knee height!


Classic EVA and Ultimate styles
Our Classic EVA boots (on the left) are light in weight and perfect for wearing indoors and light to moderate outdoor use.

Their sole is firm but cushioning and flexible. A reinforced cattle hide heel guard offers support at the rear.

For extensive outdoor use such as in wet winter conditions, our ever popular chunky sole Ultimate boots (on the right) are recommended. As well as the robust side-stitched soles with deep tread, they feature a cattle hide toe cap for extra durability. Also their foam-backed sheepskin insoles can be easily replaced.


Our bestselling sheepskin footwear color is Chestnut which is the lighter of our two brown colors, the darker brown is Chocolate.

Some slipper styles are available in an additional color such as Sand or Pink. Our boots are offered in between 1 and 4 popular color options depending on the style.

Footwear Sizing

For all our sheepskin footwear products we aim to provide comprehensive information to help you select the right product and the most likely size to fit.

All products we sell have their own detail page with a number of tabs such as Description, Specifications and Testimonials. In addition to this each slipper and boot product has a Footwear Sizing tab.

This provides international foot size conversions plus measurements that are specific to the slipper or boot style being viewed. For boots it also includes the height of the boot and maximum calf circumference for each shoe size.

For tall boots we offer an extra wide calf version of our Ultimate Full Calf should the regular boot's calves width not be wide enough. 


Do you offer footwear for wide feet?

We only sell regular width slippers and boots, however the soft nature of the sheepskin's leather and wool allow it to accommodate various foot widths to some extent. If between sizes, going for the larger size may help but for very wide feet, our footwear probably won't be suitable.


Does your footwear provide arch support?

No, like many other brands of sheepskin footwear, all our slippers and boots have a flat footbed. However, the removable foam-backed sheepskin insoles in our Ultimate boots can be replaced with orthotics or insoles with shaped support. To retain the warmth and comfort of real sheepskin under foot, a plain sheepskin insole can be glued to the new supportive insoles.


Can the insoles be replaced?

All our footwear styles with a side-stitched sole have insoles that can be replaced. Our top of the range Ultimate boots are fitted with sheepskin insoles with a foam backing for easy fitting and removal. Replacement insoles can easily be trimmed to size with scissors using the old ones as a template.

Slippers such as our Loafer Clogs, Bootie Slippers and Mens Premium have plain sheepskin insoles glued directly to the sole's card runner. These can be removed when the sheepskin's wool has worn down and the replacement plain sheepskin insoles glued in their place. As with the foam-backed insoles, the new ones can be trimmed to size using the old ones as a template. 

Footwear items with either a soft hide sole or glued on EVA sole have the sheepskin innersole sandwiched between the slipper or boot upper and the sole so they can't be replaced. However if an item has become too loose, it is sometimes possible to place a foam-backed sheepskin insole over the worn down insole.


How comfy is your sheepskin footwear?

It's always great to receive feedback from customers about just how warm and comfortable they find our footwear, especially from those who haven't experienced real sheepskin footwear before.

Shoppers who have worn expensive brands like UGG Australia ® previously often initially buy from us due to our much lower prices, then comment on how favourably we compare on quality and comfort too.

At time of writing we had published over 400 testimonials specific to our sheepskin slippers and boots. Here are a few snippets from delighted customers relating to footwear comfort:

"Your boots exceed my expectations. Fit and comfort cannot be better."

"Have received my slippers today and it is just like walking on clouds."

"I am thrilled beyond words. My feet are delightedly warm and well supported. The boots feel like they were custom made for me and I never want to take them off!"

"The boots are fantastic, fit perfectly and feel sumptuous and snuggly on my feet."

"My husband is so pleased with his slippers, his feet have never been so warm. He suffers from neuropathy and they are wonderful for him."

"I must say I did not want to take them off, they are so snug and cosy, my feet love em... The sheepskin is so thick, great rubber shoe soles too. These boots are excellent quality."

"My sheepskin slippers arrived this morning, and they are great - my tootsies are now toasty. Definitely the Rolls Royce of slippers."

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Additional Footwear Information

For additional information including details of their quality construction see our sheepskin slipper info and sheepskin boot info pages. Also see footwear sole info for details of our various slipper and boots sole types.