Sheepskin Boots Info

Proudly Made in New Zealand

As all our sheepskin footwear is manufactured for us here in New Zealand by a single footwear manufacturer, we have strict control over quality standards.

Our manufacturer implements very stringent quality control measures for all footwear produced for us. 

Many retailers especially in the USA and UK are now importing their sheepskin footwear from China. The quality of such products is often poor and our high consistency levels for quality cannot be matched. Even much of UGG Australia ugg boots and sheepskin slippers now come from China.

Our sheepskin boot manufacturer, based in Canterbury in New Zealand's South Island, has specialized in the manufacturing of sheepskin footwear for 20 years. Whilst we have also purchased from other companies, none have been able to offer the same high quality, consistency and excellent workmanship. We continually work closely with them to develop new styles and variations, many of which are exclusive to us.



Delighted Customers

We receive numerous emails each week from delighted customers of our boots. They often comment both on our quality of workmanship, best materials and outstanding value. If they haven't purchased from us before, they are often surprised at the quality we offer for such a reasonable price. Many times we hear about other brands of shearling boots that can cost up to twice as much and only offer half the quality of ours!

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Kiwi Sheepskins Brand

Whilst you won't pay a premium for Kiwi Sheepskins branded sheepskin footwear, our own branding is still a sign of finest quality.

We will not allow our brand label to appear on anything but the best in sheepskin products - best in quality, best in value.

Quality Construction from Premium Sheepskins

We only use twin-faced sheepskin shearling which is tanned specifically for use as footwear.

This is the most expensive option as great care has been taken to produce a natural product that has both a soft suede-like finish on the outer side and the inner has a plush shorn lambswool pile.

This is all one skin, a totally natural product with no artificial or wool linings.

Companies offering cheaper imitations will sometimes refer to their products as "sheepskin" but they may only be sheepskin or wool lined, or in some cases have no genuine sheepskin at all!

Sheepskin boots require a carefully selected grade of shearling sheepskin providing a plush 5/8 inch thick sheepskin wool pile. The leather side of the boot skins should be reasonably rigid but also sufficiently soft to give the best comfort. Particularly large fault-free skins are required so where possible the boot can be made from one piece to help avoid natural color variation.

Further, the wool pile side of the sheepskin should be plush so that it provides supreme softness and warmth. Its soft wool fibers naturally insulate your feet keeping them warm and cozy.

Boot Height and Calf Circumference

Our boots come in a variety of heights from the ankle boot to the extra tall Musketeer style. Both boot heights and calf circumferences vary with boot size so we provide size-specific information on each product's detail page. See the Footwear Sizing tab which also has the outer sole length and international size conversions.

Waterproofing and Protection

When you buy shearling boots from us why not protect your investment by purchasing our sheepskin protector suitable for sheepskin slippers and boots.

Our sheepskin footwear water repellent & protector spray protects the suede finish of sheepskin footwear from water and oily stains.

After treatment with the spray, water drops simply roll off rather than absorb into the soft suede finish of the twinface sheepskin.

For best results apply when new and after cleaning.

All our boots come with a Kiwi Sheepskins swing tag with care instructions. Alternatively see our footwear cleaning instructions.