Lambskins for Baby Info

Natural Benefits

For hundreds of years mothers have wrapped their babies in lambswool to keep them warm and dry. Today using lambskin as bedding is a modern application of this age-old wisdom.

The lamb after all needs a coat to keep it warm in winter and cool in summer, that will resist wet and dirt, and be thick and luxurious without being too heavy.

All of these wonderful properties that protect the lamb can give the same comfort to your baby.

Less Crying, More Sleeping

Tests have shown that surfaces with which a baby comes in contact are very important for their physical, functional and behavioral development.

Babies easily settle into the warmth and comfort of natural lambskins and stay content. They cry less and sleep more. A study in England has proven that preterm and low birth weight babies grew faster, rested less fretfully and lost less body heat when on a lambswool rug.


Baby Lambskins

Baby care sheep skins first went on sale in New Zealand and Australia in 1970 and were an instant success.

Today New Zealand sheep skin baby rugs are available in both natural unshorn long wool lambskin and a clipped short wool shorn version.

They are an entirely natural product, the lambs wool is still attached to the lamb leather and the whole product has undergone numerous tanning stages to produce a totally hygienic product for babies. 

Sanitized for Protection

Our Bowron Baby Care sheepskin "lambies" & Stroller Fleece, and Auskin Baby Comforters, Pram/Stroller Fleeces are Sanitized ® during the tanning process.

The Sanitized® Quality Label is the world-renowned symbol of excellence in anti-microbial protection. In addition to protecting against bacterial and fungal growth, it prevents unpleasant odors. Even after intensive use, the sheepskin remains hygienically fresh, keeping unpleasant odors away.

Sanitized® preserves the functionality and appearance of our genuine sheepskin products for babies and infants, offering lasting protection to baby.


Other Lambskin Products for Babies

We also offer other lambskin shearling products for baby suitable for use in a stroller/push chair, car seat and a sheepskin play rug to keep baby and friends off cold floors.

Baby Care Guidelines

Over a million babies around the world have enjoyed the warmth, comfort and soft feel of Bowron Babycare since it was first developed over forty years ago. 

However, continuing childcare research has resulted in many changes to child care and parenting practices. The following provides a guide to assist you and your baby to gain the full enjoyment and benefit from your Baby Care Lambskin.


When used as an item of bedding, it is recommended that children under the age of one are positioned on their backs and the lambskin is covered with a sheet. Always follow safe sleeping practices recommended by local childcare researchers.

Thermal Control

Bowron Babycare is perfect all year round and can be used in a variety of ways. Wool is a natural insulator keeping baby warm and cozy in cold weather. In hot weather wool absorbs moisture which is then released into the air, leaving baby drier and more comfortable.

However, as wool has superb insulation features, parents can generally use less clothing, less bedding and lower room temperatures to avoid overheating baby while sleeping.

Easy Care

Baby care sheepskins require less care than other baby bedding. Just machine wash and dry once a month. Full care instructions are attached to each lamb skin, also see the baby infant care lambskin section of our sheep skin care page for advice on how to clean sheepskin.

A daily airing keeps the lambskin fresh for baby. Small slightly soiled areas can be sponged off.