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Lambskin Products For Baby

What is a baby care sheepskin?

Affectionately known as a lambie, it is simply a lambskin rug that has been carefully selected and tanned specifically for infant care use.

The machine washable baby sheepskin is a whole pelt with no joins or backing, so you have soft lamb fleece one side and hide leather on the reverse.

Babies settle into the warmth and comfort of natural lambskins, crying less and sleeping more.

Long wool or shorn?

Our preference is for the BabyCare Shorn, its uniform length shorter wool fibers support baby better and are a little easier to keep clean.

Some people however prefer the traditional look of a long wool lambie which retains the soft and silky lambswool tips of an unshorn lamb. Whichever you choose, we're sure you and baby will be delighted!

What do you recommend for a stroller/pushchair, pram or baby car seat?

Whilst Bowron BabyCare baby rugs can be used in these, both Bowron and Auskin offer specially shaped, universal fitting products made from the same shorn lambskins but with a lightly padded backing. 

See our sheepskin and baby information page for details including baby care guidelines and benefits of baby lambskins, and don't miss parent & grandparent reviews of our baby sheepskin products or the Testimonials tab of each product.