Sheepskin Boot & Slipper Soles


As well as only using premium grade genuine twinface sheepskins, we don't compromise on the components that make up our quality footwear.

In addition to including extras like hide heel guards and toe caps on a number of our sheepskin footwear for durability, we use several different sole types to suit the footwear's intended purpose.

Chunky TPR Side-Stitched Boot Sole

Our Ultimate sheepskin boots feature chunky TPR (thermoplastic rubber) soles which are strong, flexible and lightweight. The TPR's high tech resins and polymers result in a modern, flexible sole with a rubber feel to it whilst being much lighter than old fashioned rubber soles.

TPR boot soles are securely side-stitched using lock-stitching and are fitted with a foam-backed sheepskin boot insole to enable quick removal and replacement.

Take a look through the numerous customer reviews in the Testimonials tab on each Ultimate boot product's detail page or on the sheepskin boots review section of our testimonials page and you'll see just how popular our boots are.

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use

Our chunky TPR soles used on our top-of-the-range boots are non-marking and suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. If you plan to use them outdoors in the wet and snow, we recommend our sheepskin stain repellent spray which helps increase the sheepskin's resistance to water and staining.

Multi-layered sole for comfort

As shown in the cutaway image, we incorporate a multi-layer sole system. The plush genuine sheepskin insole is glued to the foam rubber (low density EVA) cushioning layer. This allows quick, easy removal and replacement of the insole. Many customers purchase a spare insole so they can either alternate between insoles perhaps to allow one to dry or a replacement to give that brand new feeling after a few months of wear.

Ultra-Flexible TPR Side-Stitched Slipper Sole


Several of our sheepskin slipper styles feature this excellent sole. It is light in weight, ultra-flexible and robust. Being side-stitched, it is firmly attached to the slipper using lock-stitching around the sides of the soles. 

TPR which stands for Thermoplastic Rubber consists of high tech resins and polymers. This results in a modern, flexible sole with a rubber feel to it whilst being much lighter than old fashioned rubber soles.

Insole replacement

Being side-stitched, the sheepskin insole can be replaced. When the insole is worn, tear it away from the card runner inside the sole and glue in one of our plain sheepskin insoles.

EVA Sole


EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) soles are the lightest of all the hard soles. 

They are firmly attached to the uppers with a heat activated glue via a card runner.

We tend to use the EVA sole for slippers and boots designed for mainly indoor and light outdoor use. It is hard wearing and the front tapers to improve flexibility.

This type of sole is very commonly used for sheepskin footwear. UGG Australia use this type of sole on their Classic Short and Tall range of ugg boots. Our Classic EVA boot style are similar but have the added benefit of being made here in New Zealand instead of in countries like China.

Our EVA soled slippers and Kiwi Boots will normally have the basket weave pattern and our Classic EVA boots mostly have a ridged pattern sole. The basket weave is generally preferable for mainly indoor use and the ridged pattern offers a little more grip for outdoor use.

Our Kids Bootie Slipper features an upgraded ridged EVA hard sole with shaped heel.

Hide Soft Sole


Cattle hide is used for the sole which is color matched with the twinface sheepskin uppers.

A thin foam layer is sandwiched between the hide sole and sheepskin insole.

For our soft sole indoor boots and soft soled sheepskin slippers the three layers are securely held together with fabric binding neatly sewn all the way around.

A soft hide sole is ideal for those who prefer an extremely soft, comfortable sole for use just indoors.
We also use a hide sole on our extremely popular sheepskin slipper socks.