Medical Sheepskin Info

What is a Medical Grade Sheepskin?

The main difference between a regular sheepskin and a medical grade one, is its ability to withstand frequent washing and the high density of its wool fibers.

Unlike woollen bedding, medical sheepskin products are made from real sheepskins with the wool fibers still attached to the sheepskin's hide.

To provide a soft but supportive cushioning, sheepskins with a large number of wool fibers per square foot are selected. Further, the wool must be capable of standing upright after it has been clipped to a uniform length. The resulting millions of resilient springy wool fibers allow air to circulate. For most medical products the wool length is around 20 to 25mm

How often can medical sheepskin products be washed?

They can be washed as often as is needed, for example weekly. Unlike some medical sheepskin products that have to be dry-cleaned, ours have been tanned in such a way for them to be fully machine washable.

How should they be washed?
We provide comprehensive information on how to wash sheepskins, however the main points to note are to wash at no warmer than 40 deg. C, only use a mild wool wash detergent without enzymes or bleach, and to dry slowly.

Is the sheepskin urine resistant?
Our medical sheepskin products are resistant to the effects of urine provided they are laundered regularly and according to the washing instructions. To maximize the life of the sheepskin laundering should be carried out as soon as possible after soiling, preferably immediately after any event.

What is a Pressure Sore?

Also known as a pressure ulcer, decubitus ulcer or bedsore, they are an open wound on the skin. They are caused by prolonged pressure on certain points of the body, and friction and shear can be additional factors in their development. They are common among the elderly, disabled and other people who are confined to a bed or wheelchair for prolonged periods.

For additional information, see the Wikipedia pressure ulcer page.

Medical grade sheepskins are associated with a decrease in pressure ulcer development, ref. Support surfaces for treating pressure ulcers; McInnes - 2011:
"People who used sheepskin overlays on their mattress developed fewer pressure ulcers."

How do medical sheepskin products help with pressure sores?

The high density of upstanding, springy wool fibers distribute body pressure over a large area and move with your body to reduce friction, shear and pressure points.

In addition to this the sheepskin's wool can absorb up to a third of its weight in moisture without feeling wet and release it into the air. By wicking moisture away from the skin, comfort is improved but more importantly this can help prevent the development of pressure sores.

Sheepskin Bed Covers

In winter sheepskin is naturally warming and with its ability to allow air to circulate around the body, it helps you stay cool in summer.

We offer natural pelt shaped medical sheepskin rugs from single pelt up to 8-pelt.

For utmost luxury our rectangle shaped sheepskin bed covers are available in 7 different bed sizes from Single to Super King. These are also made from real medical grade sheepskins and backed with a quilted, lightly padded backing. Neat, fabric covered edges add to the luxury and elastic straps hold the mattress cover firmly in place.

Sheepskin's natural calming effect helps give everyone a better night's sleep, not just those at risk of developing bedsores.

Wheelchair Accessories

 Wheelchairs aren't known for their long term comfort, whilst OK initially, their materials can often cause sweating which can eventually lead to pressure sores. Further, the metal components can be hard and cold to the touch.

Our wheelchair seat pad, seat cover and arm & leg covers can transform the wheelchair to a totally new level of comfort.

For simplicity both our wheelchair cover and seat pad are designed to fit a standard 18 inch wide wheel chair.

All these products are made entirely from medical sheepskin plus straps to hold them in place.


Other Medical Sheepskin Products

 Medical Boots
We offer two types of medical sheepskin boots. The open one is excellent for use when the movement of the ankle is severely restricted. The boot opens flat and with the foot placed on it, the front is folded over the foot and held in position with hook-and-loop fasteners.

The second boot type is enclosed but offers an enlarged opening and generous fitting for swollen feet. A simple cord is tied to keep the boot in place.

Both boot types provide silky soft sheepskin to protect and comfort delicate feet.

Elbow & Heel Pads
Our multi-purpose heel/elbow pads provide protection to either the foot's heel and ankle area or the elbow.
Available in a one size fits most, the straps adjust to fit.

Padded Seat Pad
A bestselling item due to its versatility and wide appeal - suitable for anyone who desires improved comfort whilst sitting for prolonged periods. Whether it be at home, in the office or even for the commute to work.