Ordering Info

Step by Step Ordering Instructions

Currency Selection

Before shopping in our on-line sheepskin store, please ensure the correct currency is selected as this determines which shipping countries are available to you at the checkout.

Of the seven currencies, the selected one can be seen at the very top of the page. This may already have been selected automatically to match with your current location but if you need to change it, click the currency flags at the top of the page.

You can change the currency at any stage, even with items in your shopping cart.

For a list of countries we ship to and details of which currencies are available, see shipping info.

Adding a product to your shopping cart

Select a category to browse from the home page or from the vertical or horizontal menus. The category pages show images and a brief description of each product within the category. Click on a product's image to see the product's detail page.

When you have selected an item you wish to purchase, select any product options such as size and color, enter the quantity required and click the 'Add To Cart' button:

A confirmation window will appear from which you can continue shopping for additional items or go straight to the Checkout (Shopping Cart summary page).

Live Inventory Status

We hold huge stocks and aim to keep all regular stock items in stock all the time, however we can sometimes be temporarily out of stock of an item. You can instantly check our current stock availability. For each product entry there's a status message such as:

In stock example


Some items out of stock example

For products like footwear with product options, clicking on the drop down list box of sizes (or sizes followed by colors) instantly shows which size/color combinations are in stock or when they are expected back in stock.

You can still order an item that is out of stock, we will automatically back-order the entire order until it is available.


Shopping Cart

 A running total of the number of items and total value of your Shopping Cart (in your selected currency) are displayed at the top right of each page. To see your cart contents in detail, click the cart symbol for a popup window list of items in your cart. This also gives access to the Checkout button.

On the Shopping Cart page you can amend order quantities, remove items and purchase a Gift Card if required.

If your order doesn't meet the required minimum order level, you will receive a warning message giving you the option to continue shopping for further items or pay a below minimum order surcharge. 

After reviewing your shopping cart contents, you can either return to shop for further items or continue to the checkout.

To keep track of items in your shopping cart, our website uses "cookies". Most browsers accept and maintain cookies by default so you are unlikely to have to make any changes.


Step 1

Existing customers can login using their email address and password to retrieve previous name/address details. New customers can choose between registering (so they don't have to re-enter all their name/address details next time) or just checkout as a guest.

Note that there can only be one account per email address. If you have ordered before and cannot remember your password, use the 'Forgot Password?' link on the checkout page.

After clicking the Continue (or Login) button, the remainder of the initial checkout form will appear.

Step 2

Carefully enter your name and email address followed by your credit or debit card billing address.

New customers who have chosen to register must select a password (minimum 6 characters) so that their details can be retrieved in future. Note that for security reasons this does NOT include credit card details which we don't store.

If the shipping address is different to the billing address, click on "Ship to different address" to reveal the shipping name/address fields.

Click Continue - if the shipping country is not valid for the currency you have selected, you will be presented with an opportunity to change it.

Step 3

Shipping Information
Shipping is included in our prices and we don't offer any alternative carriers.
If required, you can enter Shipping Instructions which we will print on the shipping label.

Additional Information
If you have any specific instructions for us, please enter them in the Other Instructions field.

The Gift Message is printed on a Packing Slip and if purchased, also on the gift card.

If a gift message is entered, we will enclose a packing slip without pricing. However we also offer the ability to hide pricing without a gift message by checking the Hide pricing checkbox.

Note that for orders over 2Kg in weight, an invoice will still be enclosed in a pouch on the outside of the package to me Customs requirements. All packages have a Customs declaration stating the contents and value in New Zealand dollars (or UK Pounds for UK orders).

Payment/Confirm Order
The usual method of payment is by debit or credit card, though for high value orders we offer the option international bank transfer. See General Ordering Information below for details.

For card payment we securely obtain a pre-purchase authorization in real time and exchange your card details for a billing token using a special technique without our website ever seeing your full card details. If the authorization fails, you will be given a limited number of additional attempts. As banks sometimes require prior contact by the cardholder for an overseas transaction to be authorized, there may be times when you need to submit an order with a declined authorization, in which case we will provide instructions on what to do

For your security and reassurance we use Symantec's VeriSign SSL Secure Site certificate offering up to 256-bit SSL encryption, full business authentication, daily malware scan and a Norton Secured seal, plus we use additional services like MaxMind Fraud Detection.

Before clicking the Place Order please check both the Order Summary and Checkout Summary in the right hand column. Pay particular attention to double checking the shipping address as we can't be held responsible for loss of your parcel if an incorrect address has been provided.

There are 'change' links for the addresses and the checkout stage numbers 1 and 2 at the top of the page can also be clicked on to return to earlier checkout stages. 


The confirmation page confirms your order has been received OK and displays your order number. If applicable it provides information relevant to your order which is also included in the confirmation email sent to you.

If you don't receive an email from us within an hour, you should check your junk/spam mail folder and if still not found, email us quoting the Order Number.


General Ordering Information

How long till my order will ship?

Stocked items are shipped from here in New Zealand usually within one working day. Any items that are either out of stock or need to be made especially are marked accordingly with due dates or usual time till shipping.

We'll email a confirmation of shipping or if any prolonged delay is expected.

For stock items, you can instantly check our current stock availability. See the inventory status message shown for each product. For example, for footwear items the Size/Color drop down lists show exactly which sizes/colors are in stock or when they are expected if out of stock.


Why is there a minimum order level?

To enable us to keep prices down whilst still include international Air Mail delivery (courier delivery for New Zealand), we require orders to total at least the minimum stated in the Cart totals box at the top right of the website.

If your order doesn't meet the minimum order level, we charge a Below Minimum Order Surcharge. For Australian Dollars the minimum order level is AUD$69 and the maximum surcharge is AUD$12. We charge the amount required to bring the order up to the minimum level or the maximum surcharge, whichever is the lower. The surcharge amount payable, if any, is displayed on the Shopping Cart page.


Can I change or cancel an order?

For regular stock items we will happily allow you to change or cancel an order up to us shipping it. For special order items, if the manufacturer has started work on your order, we might not be able to accept an order change or cancellation.

To request a change to an order or a cancellation, simply reply to the order confirmation email, or email us on sales@kiwisheepskins.com

What are the payment options?

Credit or debit cards
For most orders we only accept Visa or MasterCard debit or credit cards. Please note that we reserve the right to request additional information or to refuse orders where we can't verify sufficient details against risk of possible fraud and/or for particularly high value orders.

NOTE: For both your protection and ours we screen diligently for credit card fraud and pursue fraudulent orders to the full extent of the law.

At the time of ordering we only put through a pre-purchase authorization and don't normally charge the credit or debit card until the actual time of shipping. For your convenience we bill your card in the currency you select so you know exactly how much we will charge you. (Note that we have heard that some banks in the USA and Australia make a separate transaction fee for purchases originating from overseas even when the amount billed is in US dollars and Australian dollars respectively. This typically may be up to around 3% of the total billed but you may wish to check with your bank first).

If your card account is not billed in the order currency, your credit card company or bank will simply charge the equivalent amount in your local currency plus their standard fees.

Bank transfer
For high value orders we offer the option of payment by New Zealand or international bank transfer. This option will display only for orders of a certain value as this form of payment is not cost effective for either parties for smaller orders. Note we are unable to refund payments made by international bank transfer.

Why don't you take PayPal?
The last time we checked New Zealand merchants are charged a whopping 3.9% plus a fixed transaction fee plus a 2.5% exchange rate fee for accepting an overseas currency. We pride ourselves in offering excellent value for money and PayPal would force price increases.

Also PayPal don't seem to offer NZ merchants the flexibility of our secure token billing system whereby we can cater for order changes and delay charging until actual shipping.

Is there anything else I should know about?

Customs charges

The UK has always been the worst country we ship to for Customs charges so we are delighted to be able to pre-pay all UK Customs charges including import VAT. For additional information specific to the United Kingdom, see our UK Customs Info page or Kiwi Sheepskins UK.

For other countries, please see the 'After Placing an Order' section of our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.

Footwear and Rug Coloring/Texture
Please note that the color of our footwear and rugs may differ from the color depicted on our website. As sheepskin is a natural product, each batch and even each skin can vary slightly in color and texture, additionally the exact color shown on a computer display can vary from one device to another.

Note that natural white sheepskins can gradually yellow with age. This occurs naturally and cannot be reversed.

As sheepskin is a natural product there may be some irregularities and variations in texture and color. These traits are characteristic of fine sheepskin and add to the character and beauty of genuine sheepskin products.

Note that the outer side of black color sheepskin used for our boots may be a dark/charcoal grey and not true black. For darker colors of sheepskin footwear, especially black, dye transfer may occur during the first few wears and during washing.

Skin Care Cosmetics
Although our skin care cosmetics are very popular and we have numerous repeat customers, results obtained may vary and we cannot guarantee individual results. Patch test first, if an allergic reaction occurs, discontinue use.

Although we pack our skincare products very carefully, some leakage may occasionally occur due to pressures encountered on the flight to the destination country. In the event of this happening, the small amount of leaked product can be wiped up and the product still used.