Longwool Sheepskin Car Seat Cover

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Hot sweaty car seats in summer or icy cold seats in winter? These New Zealand made sheepskin car seat covers can help!

Sold singularly. Order two or more and receive a 9% discount, plus we'll aim for a matching pair.

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Stock: Made to order. Usually 6 to 22 days

Stock: Made to order. Usually 6 to 22 days

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Hand crafted by Classic Sheepskins who have gained a wealth of experience manufacturing genuine sheepskin car seat covers for over 30 years.
Premium quality unshorn (long wool) sheepskin seat cover - available in 7 colors. Made from two luxurious New Zealand lambskin pelts retaining their natural shape, with an elasticized "fun fur" back to the headrest area for easy fitting to most car seats.

Order two or more and receive a 9% discount
First ensure the headrest is in a low position then simply stretch the top over the headrest and feed the hook and loop fastener straps through and under the seat so thay they are hidden from view and join front straps.
The elastic "fun fur" back pulls the cover to provide a secure and snug fit around the headrest. For the Brown Tip cover the "fun fur" is Honey colored, for Black it is Grey and for others it is the nearest color available (not an exact match).
The sheepskin carseat cover covers just the front of the seat so that seat pockets on the rear of the seats are still accessible.
IMPORTANT: If you have airbags that are built into the side of the actual seats, you may need to trim off excess width from the sheepskins. This can easily be done with sharp scissors.
When passing the seat cover's straps under the seat, take care to avoid seat mechanism, wiring, etc.
Lambskin car seat covers offer the ultimate in driving comfort. Wool, as a natural fiber, has unique properties that provide resilience and springiness to distribute pressure evenly over the body, allowing air circulation to help prevent the build-up of moisture. This results in coolness in summer and warmth in winter.
As wool is capable of holding up to 33% of its own weight in moisture without feeling wet to the touch, perspiration is readily absorbed and is dissipated by natural evaporation.
Will it fit my car?
As we purchase these covers as a "universal" design, we aren't provided with details of particular vehicle models. However as they only fit the headrest and lay unfitted over the rest of the seat, they will fit most cars with headrests up to about 12 in. (30cm) wide.
The length of the cover is approx. 56in. (142cm) which is measured from the top of the headrest, down the seat back and out to the very front of the seat.
Covers in natural Ivory White color are normally kept in stock, all others are made to order so we can't cancel an order if work has started on your cover and exchanges/refunds aren't possible (unless defective).
As the gentler tanning used to produce these long wool sheepskins doesn't have a strong bleaching action, the Ivory White color is closer to the natural color of sheep; it is a creamy white with some yellow to it.
Both tip-dyed colors are Ivory White sheepskins which have had just the tips of the wool dyed:
Brown Tip: White with brown tips
Grey Tip: White with grey tips - can give a light blue look to the ends
Due to the way the natural wool absorbs the dye, some tip-dyed sheepskins may have heavier, darker looking dyeing than others.
Sold singularly, order two and save, plus we'll aim for a matching pair.

Product IDCS020
BrandKiwi Sheepskins / Classic
Material(s)Long wool sheepskin
Wool Length (approx.)50mm (2in.)
ColorsIvory White, Black, Brown Tip, Grey Tip, Honey,Chocolate, Grey
Length (approx.)142cm (56in.)
QuantitySold singularly, order two and save, plus we'll aim for a matching pair
WashableYes - hand or machine wash
Warranty12 months
Stocked itemIvory White only. Colors are a special order item
Country of ManufactureNew Zealand
Color: Black

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Love these seat cover,they comfortable and warm and cool in summer


Beautiful, soft, luxurious! This is the second set of seat covers I’ve ordered from this company; I loved the first ones just that much!

Tracy Page

Love my sheepskins
So warm on a cold, windy Chatham island day

Ian Wildbore

Good quality. Could come up with away of securing the edges to the seat.

Tim Stark

Excellent all the way.