Bowron FleeceEase Medical Sheepskin (XL pelt)

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The machine washable Bowron FleeceEase sheepskins aren't just for getting a better night's sleep, they're ideal for your favorite chair, car seat, or anywhere great comfort is desired.

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Our Fleece Ease sheepskins are tanned by GL Bowron in Christchurch, New Zealand. They consist simply of a premium grade extra large Australian sheepskin (sometimes New Zealand) with no backing. Medical sheepskins provide a greatly improved quality of life to those confined to one position for long periods of time. Enhancing the level of comfort for everyday sleeping, sitting, commuting or just relaxing.
The natural fibers of shorn sheepskin move with your body eliminating irritating pressure points and allow you to enjoy life to its maximum. As well as providing a luxurious soft feel against your skin due to the natural lanolin in wool.
The natural pelt shape and size of the FleeceEase allows it to be easily transported and used for a variety of purposes, even yoga!
Also consider the smaller quilted-backed sheepskin seat pad which is ideal for just about anywhere you sit.
Benefits of our shortwool medical sheepskin rugs:
The structure of genuine high density sheepskin allows the body to be supported by millions of resilient and springy wool fibres providing total support and comfort for your body.
The natural wool properties of FleeceEase act as a form of preventative medicine, soothing pain and assisting in the prevention of sores.
Highly Absorbent
Bowron genuine Australian or New Zealand lambskin has the ability to absorb up to 33% if its weight in moisture, drawing perspiration away from the skin, which is slowly released by evaporation, allowing the body to feel cool in summer and warm in winter.
Sheepskin's durability is unsurpassed by other natural fibres and woven wool alternatives.
Machine Washable
Each pelt includes washing instructions, also see our Sheepskin Care guidelines.
Approx. size of the Large pelt FleeceEase: 110 to 119cm x 76cm (43 to 47in. x 30in.)
Product IDMD001
ShapeNatural pelt shaped
Material(s)Genuine medical sheepskin
Wool Length (approx.)30mm (1.25in.)
Length (approx.)approx 120cm (47in.)
Width (approx.)65cm (26in.)
WashableYes - hand or machine wash
Woolmark assuranceYes
Warranty12 months
Country of ManufactureSkins tanned in New Zealand, product assembled at Bowron's facility in Vietnam

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Comforts my baby!

I have purchased the stroller pad, the baby sheepskin and the fleeceEase medical sheepskin XL and was immediately impressed by them all. More importantly, my baby loves them and is comforted by the soft pile. When she's laid to sleep she turns on her side and snuggles it. Currently they're helping her body temp stay regulated as she fights through her through her first fever. Thank you for the quality products, fast shipping, and nice packages to store them for on the go!


Just wanted to say how impressed I am with your service. Order arrived in one week, beautifully packaged and presented and far exceeded expectations. Is a present for my husband's 17th(!) birthday today (29 Feb) and he is currently asleep under it after a very enjoyable lunch with a bottle of NZ wine! If it's going to keep him this quiet, I'm sure I'll be back for more! Thank you very much.


Hi! I am delighted with the service I received from you. I live in the UK. Within a week I had my order. The quality and the service was unbeatable.


I highly recommend this merchant's website to others. The product I ordered is of very high quality, and the customer service I received was outstanding. Additionally, the product arrived in a timely fashion and there were no problems or surprises when my credit card was billed.


I am so excited! My "lambie" just arrived here in Gladstone, OR and I've already got it on my bed so I can try it out. When my now 18-year old son was born, I purchased a sheepskin rug for him to sleep on. When he started talking, he called it his lambie. I cannot emphasize how much he loved that thing! I got the benefit of using it when we cuddled in my chair, and I always wanted one of my own. And now I do!

I'm so impressed with your service, and am amazed that it arrived in nine days. I order books from vendors in the US and it usually takes over two weeks for them to arrive. I will definitely refer Kiwi Sheepskins to anyone looking for sheepskin products.